Photography is my passion and it has been my livelihood for over 35 years. I not only love doing photography, but I love to teach it to others. I am the Program Coordinator of the Visual Arts and Design Department at Amarillo College and teach commercial photography.

I specialize in architecture and real estate photography. My personal favorites are landscape and nature photography. The artistic skills needed for these carry over well into my commercial photography.

I am a licensed commercial drone pilot and can provide still and video aerial photography.

My goal as a photographer is to provide you with more than you would expect. I photograph for clients in Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Colorado. My clients range from architectural design firms, commercial property brokers, Realtors, home builders, remodelers, and  Airbnb home owners.

If you would like to speak to me concerning your photographic or video needs please call or text me at 806-367-2200. I will be glad to give you a quote.